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How does BLE technology work?

BLE is the technology that underpins everything we do. Here’s how it powers incredible customer experiences and unique insights.

Each beacon has a Bluetooth Low Energy transmitter. It broadcasts low-powered radio signals that contain unique, location-specific identifier.

Smartphones constantly scan for these signals. When they’re in range of a beacon, an associated app is triggered to perform the desired action.

An app can fetch content that’s relevant to the user’s profile or micro-location. Alternatively it can push user data or statistics to the cloud.

Personalized content is displayed as a notification or directly in the app. Nearby screens can also respond with relevant information.

User experience

Beacon technology builds a bridge between brands and customers that reaches into the physical world. At every stage from awareness to post-purchase, beacon networks delight customers and create awesome experiences.

Use cases

The combination of beacon technology with associated mobile apps and powerful cloud infrastructure is highly adaptable. Digital marketers, mobile applications, retailers, and other businesses like airlines, baseball teams and hotels, can all easily reach – and deliver – the value of BLE. Most functions can be grouped into two sets:

Proximity marketing

Proximity marketing is most effective when it offers delightful experiences or smooths away simple frictions. Apps powered by proximity technology and fronted by easy, intuitive interfaces can help deliver enhanced retail experiences where relevant, personalized content and messaging is always there at the right time. And actions the user would have taken anyway can be automated based on their location and behavior.

  • Mobile & digital ads
  • Loyalty program
  • Cross promotions
  • Re-targeting
  • Customer surveys

Operational & marketing data

Operational and marketing data from proximity technology provides the missing link between a data-rich digital world and the physical realm where 85% of customers still prefer to buy. When they integrate effectively with the business systems and tools you’re already using, from CRM to CMS, single-user view and unprecedented depth of behavioral, product and performance data can be acquired and used to generate actionable business insights.

  • Customer behaviour analysis
  • Full funnel data – online and off
  • Ad performance, targeting and influence data
  • Product-market match and segmentation

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